When Linen meets Birch-tree...

... we get unique gift sets in different sizes, models, and outlooks!

Wood is an organic, living material. Birch plywood (veneer) is a wood processing product, which possesses high physical and mechanical properties, excellent mechanical strength and mass index ratio. Only FSC-certified wood is being used for creation of these products. 

Each birch plywood product - be it a tray, cup bolster, bowl or plate – consists of five to eight layers of veneer that is being put in the press and with the help of heat and pressure being designed in various forms - elegant, environmentally and health friendly products.

With a wide variety of printing technologies, products are decorated by photographs, fabric textures (linen, cotton or silk), individual designs or company logos.

Melamine covered surface makes the products water and hot-resistant (trays are also "alchohol-resistant" and washable up to 95 degrees Celsius).

All products have passed the "Food contact test" (according to the EU's "Food Contact Regulation") to make sure that, in contact with food, they will not release any dangerous substances. All the products can be safely used in contact with food.

Handmade in cooperation with AB “Formpress” (Sweden)